Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Conflicting Advise on Lifehacker today

Should I be vague or should I sent my mind to have a purpose?

I was reading lifehacker this morning as part of my routine and my GF looked over my shoulder and said that these two posts by Adam  Dachis and Melanie Pinola were counter to one another.

At the end of a brief discussion we had worked it out.  Our example was this: we are both working on training for an upcoming 5k.  We both have a purpose.  However, she is anal to the point of pre-weighing and timing out all of her meals and exercise routines.  I mostly wake up and go about my day eating what  I think should fit well into my day and working out when it works for me.  Statistically she may be staying on top of her plan much better than I...but I'm vague!  The human body wasn't meant to follow a schedule so perfectly.  We will get to compare % improvements at the end of the 6 weeks left before the race.  Who do you think will show the most improvement?


  1. i agree with your GF's approach, if you're gonna go, go all the way and totally devote yourself. thats what bruce lee would do.

  2. Interesting. Good luck in improving yourself.

  3. What Ranger said. If it's good for Bruce Lee, it's good for you.

  4. girlfriend looking over your shoulder? I'd put her in her place.

  5. dont listen to your gf just run every other day. and gradually build up running distance so by the time you run your 5k your training will have consisted of a 5k run. Know what i mean?